ajamu kojo
“T: No Payne No Gain :T”
Mischtechnik on canvas
“There is nothing simple about me. I am a product of dysfunction. I’m quite complex and definitely not conventional -- a perfect imperfection. I am a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend and have always been a child of god. I've walked on the right and the left side of the track, but indeed I’ve walked and I’ve lived. I will continue to evolve and learn and fight and love, despite all of my fears that I will not grow…that I won’t make it...that I won’t live for the purpose of what god intended for me. That’s my biggest fear; walking and living through life and not even tasting my destiny. But I’ll roar through the fire and the flames and touch what is mine so that I can be that daughter, that sister, that mother, that friend and that child of god, despite my dysfunction and my imperfections. I will Be!”

~ Natasha Thomas-Payne
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