ajamu kojo
Little Africa“Rising Sun in Amenta”"CROWN"“Makes My Teeth White”“Alexandre Dumas & Les Trois Mousquetaires nœud papillon (Three Musketeers Bow tie)”“Why, your skin looks like gold!  Jack Johnson”“Your Queen to Be; She Is.  Michelle LaVaughn Robinson”“Jimi’s New Axe” “Ola Hudson’s Guns & Roses”“Afro-Funk Nation-Building: FELA”“BAKA: The Return of Big Mamaizm”“Do The Fight Thing” OR “The Hands Can’t Hit What The Eyes Can’t See.  We Gotta Fight The Powers That Be!”“Dr. John Henrik Clarke: We came from the beginning of the Nile where the God Hapi dwells, at the foothills of the Mountain of the Moon. (Kilimanjaro)” “The Matriarch”“Your Queen to Be; She Is. First Lady: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama” “The New King Jean Version”“All of My Purple Life”“Baldwin’s Nigger (the fire next time)”“Artichoke Abbey”
Inspiration Series
As part of an evolving series, these works serve as an outlet where I can loosely flesh out ideas I find interesting, with the intent of further developing them into paintings, sculptures, etc.