ajamu kojo
“The Cleanse”"Casting Pearl's""Dagga Stagga"“Li'ap tan pou'l fime zèb li” or “She’s waiting to smoke her herbs”“T: No Payne No Gain :T”“NjidekaDANCE”“Stay(~)In e's Lane”"RosenblattEyes"“Bonnie Mossberg”“My Girl D”“Water Babies (Scorpio love): Omena El”"S R-P"“Mwalimu! Mwalimu! Mwalimu!”"MamaOla"
The Otherlies Series (Voyeurism)
o•ther•ly noun \uhth-er-lee\

1. A term of endearment and respect for those one admires. It is a non-label for those that can't be labeled or categorized.

This series of paintings is based upon intimate and candid moments with women who have allowed me to crack the veneer of how they are normally viewed. All compositions are rendered from original photography by the artist.